Personal AWS Server Setup

After looking into AWS pricing I realized how ridiculous it is that I’ve been running my personal website off of a traditional web host like Dreamhost for the past few years. Not only is AWS cheaper (and free for a year!), but also I get a full fledged server to play around with while exploring the AWS cloud.

But setting things up on AWS is more complicated and the potential to get billed for unexpected reasons is much greater.

The goals I had for my server were as followed:

1) To not accidentally rack up a massive AWS bill
2) To have security from nefarious people accessing my instance/account
3) Simple ssh login (no remembering hostnames, IPs, or passwords)

Since figuring everything out took awhile, I decided to document it. Here are the steps I used to get up and running.

Hello Blog

It seems fitting for my first post to be about why I’ve finally decided to start blogging. I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for years now, but could never convince myself to actually do it.

I always had some excuse: “I have nothing to write about”, “no one wants to read what I write”, “I suck at writing”, or “I’ll look like a fool”. Most of those excuses probably aren’t true (well at least I hope they won’t turn out to be). But even if they were, they don’t affect the main reason why I’ve decided to start blogging: to improve myself.

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