It seems fitting for my first post to be about why I’ve finally decided to start blogging. I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for years now, but could never convince myself to actually do it.

I always had some excuse: “I have nothing to write about”, “no one wants to read what I write”, “I suck at writing”, or “I’ll look like a fool”. Most of those excuses probably aren’t true (well at least I hope they won’t turn out to be). But even if they were, they don’t affect the main reason why I’ve decided to start blogging: to improve myself.

College computer science curricula don’t include much writing and after four years of college I’ve had a noticeable decline in my writing ability. Even though I don’t enjoy writing much, I realize that it is an tremendously useful skill and that it’ll only get easier the more I do it. The important part is that I just start writing, even if it’s not perfect. I figure blogging is the best outlet for my writing as I can write about projects that I’m already working on and things I’m passionate about.

This blog will also solve another problem I have. I often work on interesting projects, but then as time goes on I forget the details of what I did. So by documenting projects I work on I’ll be able to use the posts as references in the future. I also hope that I’ll help others by providing them with solutions to the problems I’ve already solved.